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    Elope to New Zealand
    Unique wedding choices to choose from
    Weddings on snow and ice
    Weddings amongst nature
    Weddings on the beach or river
    Individualised packages
    Let us weave a dream wedding just for you!

Let Wedding Essentials help you plan your dream wedding by eloping
to beautiful New Zealand

We can make that happen
We offer packages especially designed for you.
Planning a secret wedding? Do you want to elope?
We can arrange your special day in most areas of New Zealand. 
Your ideas or ours, maybe a combination of the two. 
Let NEW ZEALAND WEDDINGS weave a dream wedding for you in beautiful New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand
Love the country ~ Love the people!

Tell Me More!

At NZ Weddings will find the location of your choice and design a package especially for you..

No wedding is ever the same as another, as each individual couple has specific ideas on how their ceremony and the ceremony venue should be.

It is the stuff of dreams. NZ WEDDINGS will do all they can to make your dreams come true.

Shirley-Ann, Director of NZWEDDINGS Celebrant and Planner

How does it work?

  • We design your dream wedding for you, with you
  • We plan every step. Ceremony, Celebrant, Accommodation, flowers, (transport, hair and makeup, cake and dinner for two optional)
  • We can also plan your New Zeland honeymoon adventure as well.
  • We can assist with documentation

Show Me More!

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Shirley-Ann, Marriage Celebrant, Auckland New Zealand

New Zealand has some stunningly beautiful places you can choose for your wedding ceremony. On a lake shore, or close to the sacred peaks of the central North Island mountains as a backdrop.

We will find the location of your choice and design a package especially for you., and help make your dreams come true.

On the actual snowy slopes

On a beautiful Auckland beach

Among the roses

Amidst wonderful towns

We arrange:

  • Documentation
  • Advice on obtaining your Marriage certificate and if required the Apostelle for your country of origin.
  • The Celebrant (civil celebrant or priest/minister.)
  • Photographer and videographer. A professional photographer or you can choose to have an expert use your digital camera, the disc is yours to take with you.
  • Bridal transport if required.
  • Hair and make-up (optional)
  • Flowers (you choose what type of flowers and their colour.)
  • Cake with complimentary top Quality New Zealand wine. (Optional)
  • Wedding luncheon or dinner depending on the time of day you choose to have your ceremony

Once you entrust with your very special day, we will work with you via the net to understand your needs. We will be your personal planner/co-ordinator through to when you leave. You'll feel like royalty.

Welcome to new zealand.
love the country ~ love the people!

Tips and FAQ's

Your job is to look after the groom The following instructions are the traditional duties of the best man and can be varied in consultation with the bride and especially the groom as it is normally at his request that you 'stand up' with him.
The bestman usually arranges the 'stag night' but he also must make sure nothing horrible happens to the groom. Good clean fun is fine. But no stripping and tying him to a lamp post for the early morning motorists to find. If this sort of thing happens, the bestman is supposed to free him and get him home intact and unharmed. Sillyness aside. The night before the wedding the bestman and the rest of the bridal attendants usually meet with the bride and groom and their families for dinner so everyone gets to know each other. A wedding rehearsal can be arranged before the dinner as well although often it is a week or so before the wedding day.
The bestman and the groomsmen get dressed at the grooms location and they travel together to the ceremony venue.
The bestman stands beside the bridegroom during the ceremony. He escorts the chief bridesmaid or matron of honour (the bridesmaid is called the matron of honour if she is married.) The bestman usually looks after the rings unless a page boy or flower girl has them on a cushion or nestled in a basket of flowers. I have had a well trained dog carry the rings. Also a very badly trained dog run OFF with the rings. At the reception the bestman replies to the groom's toast "To the bridesmaids" on their behalf. (If the chief bridesmaid does not do so on behalf of herself and the other bridesmaids which often happens these days.) Generally the bestman tells tall stories about the groom in the best of taste please or recalls escapades from their childhood days if that is appropriate or about how long they have been friends. He reads out any messages of goodwill which have been forwarded to the couple via fax, e-mail etc. The bestman always reads the messages prior to reading them in public and weeds out those he feels are inappropriate, especially any containing sexual innuendo which older guests would be upset by. It is also the bestman's job to return the male members of the bridal party's hire suits. Please check the pockets in case anything of value has been left behind especially the marriage certificate which does not take kindly to being dry cleaned.
The following day the bride and groom and the wedding party meet for a present opening brunch/lunch or a farewell to out of town guests and the members of the bridal party are expected to be there as well. Remember you have been asked to support a friend at his wedding one of the most important days of our lives and if you keep the word 'support' uppermost in your mind, you will not go wrong. I hope you enjoy the day
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